Human Resources Training

Phyllis J. Towzey provides customized-for-you training programs for managers, supervisors and line employees, on a variety of employment law topics, including the following:

Employment Law 101: What Every Manager and Supervisor Should Know

This three-hour course provides an overview of the federal and state laws that govern the workplace, addressing issues such as discrimination, harassment, wage and hour laws, FMLA, reasonable accommodations under the ADA, and Internet usage. The course is customized to your business area and workforce demographics, and includes practical solutions to situations that arise day to day. The focus is on ensuring that your management and supervisory employees understand their role in communicating and carrying out the organization’s HR policies, and ensuring that violations of law do not occur. A key component is the ability to recognize potential employment law issues, and knowing when to involve HR.

Sexual Harassment Training: Manager/Supervisor Certification Class

This intensive, three-hour program trains your managers and supervisors to recognize and address sexual harassment issues, communicate policy to employees, deal effectively with potential violations in the early stages, counsel employees effectively, and promptly and effectively handle complaints when they arise. Examples used in the training are drawn from real-life situations in your industry. Corporate and individual accountability for sexual harassment claims is explained. Individuals who complete the training are awarded a certificate suitable for framing.

Sexual Harassment: What is it and who’s responsible for preventing it?

This 90-minute course is suitable for all non-supervisory employees. The course includes a review of your organization’s sexual harassment policy, and the use of real-life scenarios to illustrate what types of behavior can be included under the definition of sexual harassment. Employees are instructed on what to do if they believe they are the object of sexual harassment, or if they witness it occurring to another employee. This is the companion course to the Workplace Diversity training, and can be offered separately or in conjunction with that training.

Workplace Diversity: Sharing common goals

This 90-minute course is suitable for all non-supervisory employees. The course includes a review of your organization’s EEO policies, and the use of real-life scenarios to illustrate how both intentional and unintentional violations of the company’s EEO policies can decrease productivity, transform the workplace into a hostile environment, and result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. This is the companion course to the Sexual Harassment training, and can be offered separately or in conjunction with that training.

Employment Law Modules for Managers/Supervisors: The Fast Track

These 45-minute modules on specific employment law issues are designed to be offered at a breakfast or lunchtime setting, for small or large groups. They are tailored to your specific business needs, and focus on a single issue. A Q&A period is included. Modules are available addressing the following issues, and can be designed specifically for any other employment law/HR issue affecting your organization:

Employment Law Modules include:

  1. Family and Medical Leave Act
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act
  3. Wage & Hour Laws
  4. Discrimination
  5. Sexual Harassment
  6. Internet and Email
  7. Interviewing Employees
  8. Hiring and Firing
  9. Progressive Discipline and Employee Counseling
  10. Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  11. Avoiding Retaliation Claims
  12. Performance Evaluations
  13. Privacy Issues
  14. Workplace Violence
  15. Whistleblower Claims

Top 11 Lawsuits Against Employers

  1. Wage and Hour Claims
  2. Discrimination Claims
  3. Whistleblower Claims
  4. Leaves of Absence Related Claims
  5. Harassment Claims
  6. Breach of Contract and Employer Promises
  7. Trade Secret Misappropriation and Unfair Competition
  8. Defamation Claims
  9. Slander or Libel
  10. Invasion of Privacy and Drug Testing
  11. Unions and Class Actions


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